Truskavets: villa «Marta»

Located in the central part of the resort Truskavets of clean, full of mountain air, forested slopes of the Carpathians. Not far from the villa there is a well-room mineral water and spa park. Good location close to the modern medical-diagnostic center, spa and entertainment infrastructure of the city that links therapeutic recreational activities. A cozy restaurant, where you can buy food at a convenient scheme "buffet", take advantage of the bar, order room service.

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hotel «Malvy»

Located in the heart of the resort, close to the pump-room, a spa, "Med-Palace" and sanatorium "Truskavets" ...

Located in the central part of the city, close to the well-room mineral water and 400 m from the rehabilitation ...


hotel «Europe»

Located in the center of the resort of Truskavets "Europe" has 12 comfortable rooms. Complex there is ...

In Oleg

villa «In Oleg»

A 7-minute walk to the pump room, next to the market, supermarket / Railway station. Villa offers vacationers ...

Private estate "in Zubritskiy" - a 3-storey cozy building that has a very convenient location, 5 minute ...